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A dataset for deliberation in multi-party problem solving

Small groups participate in a group discussion to solve the Wason card selection task.

The dataset was collected both in a controlled in-lab experiment and in-the-wild data collection on MechanicalTurk

50 dialogues annotated with a novel annotation schema that captures deliberation cues

Annotation Scheme
Label Distribution

How to access DeliData

2. Use delitoolkit. Documentation.

pip install delitoolkit
from delitoolkit.delidata import DeliData
deli_corpus = DeliData().corpus

3. Use HuggingFace datasets. Dataset Card

from datasets import load_dataset
dataset = load_dataset("gkaradzhov/DeliData")


    title={DeliData: A dataset for deliberation in multi-party problem solving},
    author={Karadzhov, Georgi and Stafford, Tom and Vlachos, Andreas},
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This dataset was collected with the support of Cambridge Language Sciences, Cambridge University Press, and the Isaac Newton Trust.